RMA Creation

To generate a RMA number for your defective product, please enter your information in the fields provided.

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Note: This must be the same phone number that you gave the technician when you called.

RMA Status

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A Friendly Reminder

A Technical support technician will determine, after troubleshooting, if your problem qualifies for our warranty return service. If yes, you will then be informed that your case will require RMA assistance and you will be assigned a Case ID. You will then have access to enter the RMA website to generate a return authorization number.

D-Link does not offer refunds under any circumstances. Please contact the point-of-purchase for their return/refund policies.

Proof of purchase must be provided to D-Link in order to process your RMA. Failure to provide your proof of purchase will result in either delay in processing or cancellation of your RMA.

What is a Case ID?

Your Case ID is the number that was provided to you by Tech Support. It was also included in the email that was sent to you after your tech support call.